Rice Irrigation Scheme

Rice Irrigation Scheme

We count our blessings, as the festive season picks pace.

In Budalang'i, of all the mega achievements God has favoured us with, I rank none higher than the considerable reduction in the risk of flooding. As floods continue to ravage Tana River, Narok and even Matayos just next door, we are now counting years since we last witnessed the devastating images that had come to profile our land.

The multiple measures we have painstakingly invested in over the years are bearing fruits. None more so than the simple yet quite revolutionary river training. You go to sleep at night with the Nzoia river swollen with waters raging from upstream, you wake in the morning to find most of it drained into Lake Victoria through the 11 man-made canals. Indeed the unprecedent high levels of water in the lake right now is testimony to this miracle. We can handle a Lake Victoria spill. A swollen River Nzoia is a nightmare.

And we are taking full advantage of this blessing to rapidly expand our rice farming. On 28th December I will join farmers to celebrate their harvest in the new Lwamoro section of Bunyala Rice Schemes, whose planting I personally led just a few months ago.

But before that, we are inviting the world to come enjoy pleasures of this #BudalangiReborn...don't miss the ISAMBO! BEACH CARNIVAL on 24th December, at Marenga and Bukoma Beaches.

We thank God for the far He has brought our land. Blessed festive season everyone. #TembeaBudalangi


30 October 2016



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