Education in Budalangi under Hon. Ababu Namwamba has seen tremendous improvement. The highlights of this include:
1. De-politicisation of education
2. Schools' Infrastructural support
3. Improved staffing thus addressing the massive gap in teacher-pupil ratio
4. Increased bursary allocation thus keeping students in school
Addressing the conference this afternoon and fresh from being elected as the Labour Party Leader, Hon. Ababu has delivered some very good news to students, teachers and other education stakeholders: through direct financing by the National governmental through treasurer, the following is earmarked for accomplishment this Fiscal Year:

1. St Anne's bunyala girls- School bus
2. Makunda High School- School bus loan waiver
3. St Benedict's High school- Modern dormitory
4. Bukoma Sec school- land purchase for expansion
5. John Osogo High school-Administration block
6. Mundere Girls High school- classrooms
7. Lunyofu Primary school- Kshs. 2.8M for infrastructural support. He will also donate 2 motorbikes to the Educational Quality Standards and Assurance Officers


29 October 2016



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