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It's Only Through A Third Force That We Can Change This Country:



It’s very much evident that the 2017 elections are in top gear, nothing is left to chances and politicians from both coalitions are struggling to remain relevant by convincing poor Kenyans that they are the best sort after coalition. They are much into who will occupy the House on the hill but not issues affecting WANJIKU. During this weekend rallies both CORD/JUBILEE politicians were politicking about elections,favorite candidates and coalitions but not about Wanjiku and her woes. Political elites are busy strategizing n how they will win elections at the expense of common Mwananchi. Mwananchi who keeps on having many challenges while they keep politicking. They have forgotten Wanjiku.

What about WANJIKU? Where is her interests in all these ‘politricks’ they are doing? Who will come to her rescue? Is she a lesser Kenyan? Will the status quo ever salvage this country ? What if we change from the normal coalitions and come up with the third force ? What if we look beyond Raila and Uhuru and settle for a fresh candidate full of ideas? What if we stop leaning on tribes for votes and go for idea and visionary leaders with our interests at heart.

We need to set the record straight, come up with agendas and objectives of this country through another option so that the political elite can be tied to it. We need to make a home for Wanjiku,Otieno,Wanjala,Abdi, Mwanaisha and Wambua. Wanjiku needs to be a first class citizen just like the politicians and their families, she needs quality education,better healthcare,security,employment and awesome pension plans when she finally quits employment. We must make politicians play to the tune of issue-based politics not their usual theatrical politics, full of comedy and empty promises

A THIRD FORCE ought to be a force or movement that is set to highlight and articulate the concerns of WANJIKU. A force that know Not tribe nor race, where all the regions can take as part of their ownership. It can happen and can be lead by young,liberal and visionary leaders . Like the Ababu Namwamba’s , Raphael Tuju’s Peter Kenneth’s e.t.c
It’s high time that WANJIKU becomes selfish and demand what belongs to her and this can be done through THIRD FORCE

It’s time we look beyond Cord and Jubilee political games and focus more on Ababu Namwamba and the young turks..

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