Ababu Bill slashes MPs’ hefty pay, scraps sitting allowances


Public officers pocketing fat salaries could face a pay cut while sitting allowances may be scrapped — if MPs vote to reduce their own benefits for the publi good.

A bill by Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba proposes amendments to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission Act to cut the ballooning wage bill.

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (Amendment) Bill, 2016, say public servants’ wage structure requires in-depth review because it is “grossly imbalanced with unacceptable disparities.” The Bill is heading for publication after approval by the Justice and Legal Affairs and Budget and Appropriations committees.

It raises concern that only a few senior officers, among an estimated 680,000 public servants, enjoy huge packages.

“The review and balancing of the public wage structure will have a far-reaching domino effect that will include enhanced fiscal discipline in public spending, lower inflation, strengthening of the shilling, drop in cost of living and general improved well-being of Kenyans,” it reads.

Namwamba, also the Labour Party leader, wants Section 11 of the SRC Act amended to compress and maintain the wage ratio at 30:1 from the current 98:1 — between highest and lowest paid officers.

He says the current wage ratio is highest, compared to the regional average of 20:1.

Namwamba wants the public wage policy and system be anchored on working hours, qualifications and employee performance.

“I havee been pushing these proposals from last year to have a solution to the public wage bill. It proposes to abolish sitting allowances for any state or public officer who earns a salary,” he told the Star.

Leaders are already on the spot for by the Auditor General for unlawfully pocketing hefty allowances.

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