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Hon. Ababu Namwamba’s political manoeuvres will always shake the country’s political landscape. Whether silent or not, he leaves tongues wagging.

His grand entry into Kenya’s politics will always be embedded in the history of this country. From his dramatic entry in to the political scene with allegiance to ODM on the floor of the House on 15th Feb 2008, to the ODM-Reloaded which marked its rebirth after the mass exodus of a once indefatigable and dreaded Pentagon team. He rattled the ‘Party Owners when he dared dream big to contest for the party’s SG…on 28th Feb 2014 Men-In-Black fiasco at Kasarani remains the most ugly scene in the history of the party that parades itself as too ‘democratic’.

ODM’s Mandarins’ authoritarian tendencies and flirtations with fascism unparalled it’s democratic history occasioning the departure of Ababu from SG position on 6th July 2016. And didn’t leave alone: Bungoma and Busia counties’ delegates followed him. Then came the high-octane propaganda weaved against his departure: Ooh he’s forming his party called MWIKO, oooh he was given Eurobond, No! he has no money to pay delegates. No! he’s going back to Raila Oooh he is joining jubilee. By the way what exactly did he do?

Ababu is BACK! That political figure that has waded through the tumbles of Kenya’s politics leaving the Paranoiacs with a lot of theories, is about to Make a BIG Statement. Stare intently at the #ThirdForce; let his moves wash over you.

Are you ready???

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