The Rise and Rise of Ababu Namwamba


The nation should just start livening up to the Ababu Namwamba’s presidency if what we are witnessing in this country is anything to go by. Political temperatures have risen in both camps of the coalition, many wailing around yearning to know Hon. Ababu Namwamba’s political cards.

His political opponents are at it trying to stop the unstoppable force by employing all dirty tactics, the energy directed at destroying his paths to the archelons of power is enormous. The General is simply giving them sleepless nights. He keeps them gazing and thinking while he is on the move.

The resistance put in place from within is an indicator that this is the man to watch not just in Western Kenya but in the whole country. The son of the soil has proved to us that yes, you can go where there’s no path and leave trail, that you can stand with what you believe in regardless of other opinions and still make it through.

The path he has taken is only getting better because you can only criticize what you love,the path of the Star only leads to the leadership light in him. A leadership acumen that can not be ignored in Kenyan politics.

Hon. Ababu Namwamba is hated and loved in equal measure, and this means he is a daring and decisive leader. No ordinary leader attracts such a character.
It’s time for the western Kenya Community to realize this fact and follow the star as it leads to the kingship of this nation.

When he joined Labour Party of Kenya, everyone rubbished him as a nobody and a non starter. But things have changed, today he continues to attract huge following wherever he goes but with haters also who envy his rise to leadership stardom. He is still a role model and a mentor to many.

His ideological thinking is in line with the Labour Party of Kenya’ ideology. A vibrant political movement that is growing at a Ferrari speed with no stopping any time soon. This has disrupted the political thinking in Kenya only leaving a trail of resistance to those who would rather have the status quo. The days of status quo in the Kenyan politics are diminishing.

This resistance is almost similar to what happened to the taxi operators in Nairobi when Uber introduced their services in this country. It faced a great opposition from the ever expensive Taxi operators, some of their cars were destroyed but today uber has grown to become the most preferred means of transport in the Urban Kenya.
You can only rubbish and resist Hon. Ababu Namwamba, EGH, MP at your own peril because the reality is he is going to be the president of Kenya at one point.

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